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Our Vitamin Story was started with a simple philosophy:Make vitamins and supplements that are easy to use, and use quality ingredients.We wanted to start off with the basics, a multivitamin that people would actually want to eat.    

Harrison Reid | CEO

Harrison is a current student at the University of Missouri and is a nootropics enthusiast. Harrison has been researching and communicating with the supplement and vitamin community for many years. Outside of school, Harrison is a member of the American Chemical Society and also takes care of his boisterous dog Clancy.


Corey Roth | Business Development Manager

Corey graduated with a degree emphasis in Supply Chain Management, Marketing, and Business Analytics. Corey has significant experience with analytical tools for marketing campagns. Outside of work, Corey is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys activities such as golf, hiking, skiing, and other outdoor liveliness.

Dr. Leo Grimaldi M.D. | Consultant

Leo has provided strategic development and managing consulting services to start-up and pharmaceutical companies, as well as policy and life sciences research groups; integrated scientific boards in several companies; acted as a liaison for medical affairs; and created planning, strategy, and execution of global strategies to establish and sustain value-based partnerships within digital health, hospital systems, governments, and complex delivery systems.


Giving Back

Our Company was designed to give back to the community. Check our "Giving Back" page for more info.